Ohio Trans Candidates Denied; Books Banned In Maryland; Lil Nas X Returns

Transgender Flag

Photo: Vladimir Vladimirov / E+ / Getty Images

Two transgender candidates in Ohio have been disqualified from the ballot after officials used an obscure law passed in 1995 that requires any candidate to list name changes they’ve had over the last five years. Both candidates said they were not aware of the law and that it was not stated on the petition they had to file to run for office.

A new policy enacted by the Moms For Liberty conservative parent group will ban ‘sexually explicit’ books from schools in Carroll County, Maryland. 61 books have been challenged so far, including The Bible. The policy is vague in its wording and opponents say it’s just an excuse to ban books the group doesn’t like, including those which may contain LGBTQ+ relationships.

After releasing a new single this week called “J. Christ.”, Lil Nas X has a new documentary on the way to HBO at the end of the month. “Lil Nas X: Long Live Montero” debuted at the Toronto Film Festival last year and will also be available on Max starting January 27. It follows his Long Live Montero Tour from late 2022.

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