Ohio Bans Trans Care; Libraries Ban More Books; Cali Seeks Gay Governor

Transgender flag, shadows and silhouettes of people on a road, conceptual picture about anonymous Transgender and Gay Lesbian in the World

Photo: AlxeyPnferov / iStock / Getty Images

The Republican supermajority in the Ohio Senate has overridden Governor Mike DeWine’s veto that protected a transgender minor’s right to gender-affirming care. The Republican-led Ohio House overrode the veto on January 10th. The bill will prevent trans minors from receiving the care they need and prevent trans girls specifically from playing in girls’ sports. There is a clause grandfathering those who were already receiving care. The bill takes effect in 90 days and makes Ohio one of the most restrictive states for trans care.

The far-right influencer who runs the Libs of TikTok social media account has joined the Oklahoma Education Department’s library committee. Chaya Raichick will be advising the Library Media Advisory Committee even though she is not an Oklahoma resident. She has been accused of instigating attacks against LGBTQ+ persons through her account, including bomb threats that targeted a school library in Tulsa just last year.

A California Senate leader representing San Diego has announced her run for governor of the state in 2026. If she is elected, it would mark the first time a woman and openly LGBTQ+ person has served as California’s governor.

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