Gen-Z Gayer Than Ever; Out Actors Score With Academy; VA Sued For Trans

Writing note showing Gen Z Millennials Gen X Boomers. Business photo showcasing Generational differences Old Young people Marker over notebook crumpled papers pages several tries mistakes.

Photo: Artur / iStock / Getty Images

According to a new study from the Public Religion Research Institute, 28% of Gen-Z identifies as part of the LGBTQ+ community. That percentage far outpaces those adults in older generations and is almost double the number of Millennials that identify as such. 15% of Gen-Z say they are bisexual, 5% as gay or lesbian. The remaining 8% identify in other LGBTQ+ categories.

Out actors are having a moment with this year’s Academy Award nominations as Colman Domingo scores a nomination for his portrayal of Bayard Rustin in “Rustin” and Jodie Foster for her role in “Nyad”. Domingo’s Oscar nod makes him the second gay man in history to be nominated for portraying a gay character. The first was Ian McKellen for “Gods and Monsters”.

The Transgender American Veterans Association filed a lawsuit against the U.S. Government for excluding gender-confirmation surgeries in its list of Veterans Affairs health benefits. Most other transition-related care is covered by the VA.

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