PRIDE NEWS: Florida Bans License Gender Change; and more stories

Cheerful teenage girl smiling after getting her driver's license

Photo: Antonio_Diaz / iStock / Getty Images

If you live in Florida, you’ll no longer be allowed to change the gender marked on your drivers’ license. In a memo issued Friday by the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, county tax collectors are being instructed to not allow people to update their gender identities. In this obvious attack on trans people, they are also being told to ‘prove’ through supporting documentation that the gender listed is the person’s biological sex.

A Maryland man has been sentenced to 48 years behind bars in the death of a DC transgender woman. The man pleaded guilty to second-degree murder back in October for the 2021 death of Taya Ashton. Community advocates say she was murdered because of being transgender.

A lesbian couple who visited a doctor in the United Kingdom to talk about fertility treatment options left without professional advice after the doctor suggested they “find a man to sleep with” to get pregnant. The women say the doctor wasn’t being mean, but genuinely didn’t seem to understand how to help them. The incident has been reported to UK health authorities.

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