Disney Federal Lawsuit Dismissed, Free Speech In Peril

Walt Disney World Entrance Sign, Kissimmee, Florida (USA)

Photo: John M. Chase / iStock Unreleased / Getty Images

The fight between Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and The Walt Disney Company over Disney’s opposition to the state’s “Don’t Say Gay Law” has suffered a blow. The federal judge overseeing the case dismissed Disney’s claims over a lack of standing. Disney has responded by saying “This is an important case with serious implications for the rule of law, and it will not end here.” Disney continued “We are determined to press forward with our case.”

An anti-gay North Dakota republican state representative has received probation for a DUI arrest after pleading guilty to the charge. He was caught on camera hurling anti-gay slurs at police officers while being arrested. He refuses to resign from office.

A San Francisco man has been found guilty of torturing and murdering a man after he and his transgender partner had a sexual encounter with him in 2019. After meeting at a hotel and having sex, the man confronted the victim with a machete, tied a noose around his neck and tortured him for hours before injecting him with a lethal dose of fentanyl. Sentencing is scheduled for March 18th.

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