OK Says Pride Not OK; Indy Hotline and Florida Pride Flag Ban Fails

Oklahoma map

Photo: yorkfoto / E+ / Getty Images

Oklahoma is on the verge of cancelling Pride Month. A new state bill introduced by two republican lawmakers would make it illegal for state agencies to recognize Pride Month. It would ban any state agency and its  employees from celebrating, flying a flag, or otherwise mentioning Pride Month.

In Indiana, the Attorney General there launched an online hotline to allow citizens to ‘snitch’ on schools that were inclusive of LGBTQ+ students, teaching anti-racism, political ideology issues and more. The line was immediately filled with memes, jokes and even movie scripts.

A bill aimed at restricting pride flags on public buildings in Florida failed in spectacular fashion after Governor Ron DeSantis signaled he would support it. The bill stalled in a Senate subcommittee after dozens of citizens showed up to speak out against it. The committee is not scheduled to meet again this legislative session.

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