Taylor Swift Stops Mid-Song To Help Troubled Fan: 'I Can Do This All Night'

Photo: Getty Images

Taylor Swift stopped performing in the middle of her latest Eras Tour stop in Edinburgh, Scotland on Sunday (June 9) to help a fan in distress. Video footage captured by an audience member (that has since went viral) shows the songstress attempting to draw attention to a concertgoer in need of assistance. The compassionate artist noticed that something was not quite right while singing Midnights track “Would’ve Could’ve Should’ve," and all of a sudden, began to sing different lyrics.

"Right in front of me please, right in front of me just going to keep playing until we notice where it is. It's right there," she moved her guitar towards a section of the crowd so that security could see who she was talking (or should we say singing) about. "I'm just going to keep playing until somebody helps them, then I'm going to keep singing this song."

She continued in song:

"I don't think anybody's gotten to them yet and they're gonna cause we're not going to keep singing, we're just going to keep talking about the people that need help in front of me. Just let me know when...I can do this all night!" Crew members eventually made their way to the troubled fan, signaling to Swift that she was good to continue the song (which she jumped right back into without missing a beat in typical Taylor Swift fashion).

This is not the first time the "Karma" standout has stopped a show for a fan in need. Just last week, the artist signaled for security in french during a show in Lyons, France amid another crowd emergency.

Swift is set to take the stage in Liverpool, UK on Thursday (June 13) as part of her next Eras Tour show.

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