Hair Dye Is The New Toilet Paper

Alternative Hair Treatment Offered In Chelsea Salon

Alternative Hair Treatment Offered In Chelsea Salon

Guess What’s Flying off Shelves Now: Hair Dye

When people first heard about the coronavirus, they started stocking up on hand sanitizer and toilet paper.

A new week brings new restrictions. Now that hair salons are closed we have a new in-demand item-hair dye.

Nielsen has released a list of most in-demand products.

Under health and safety products, the most in-demand items are thermometers, aerosol disinfectants and water filtration.

Under dry foods the top items are baking yeast, dried beans and tuna.

Under beauty and personal care the top items are toothpaste, shampoo, nail polish remover and hair coloring.

What item did you not buy or buy enough of and wish you had?

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