A Bear Was Caught On Camera Taking Out A Man's Trash


Bears are stronger, faster and more agile than humans -- and now it looks like they might be getting smarter.

Case-in-point: Instead of risking trouble by rummaging through a garbage can next to a resident's house, one particularly clever bear in Florida decided to first wheel Bit out to the curb. At first, homeowner Brett Longo was confused over who'd taken out his trash -- until he checked his security video. "I opened the app and saw a black bear bringing my trash can back up from the house," he says. "He eventually tipped over the can and started going through it all."

It turns out the bear was after some lasagna Longo's wife had thrown out the night before, Longo says.

If bears were as smart as people, would they be the dominant species on the planet? What's your strangest encounter with a wild animal?