Mom Buys Times Square Billboard To Help Find A Man For Daughter!

A lot of parents like to try and set their children up on dates and find someone for their kid! This mom is taking that whole sentiment to the NEXT LEVEL!

Beth Davis, mom to 30 year old Molly, really wants to find a worthy partner for her daughter to settle down with.

Unfortunately, Beth is battling metastatic breast cancer that's spread to her bones. So she's hoping to find Molly the Mr. right, sooner than later!

Last week, Beth took out an ad on a 47-foot by 25-foot billboard in Times Square that reads “Date my daughter” and displays Molly’s photo.

The enormous billboard Manhattan also features Beth’s picture and the words, “I’m Molly’s wingman and her mom” and includes the URL to Molly’s dating profile.

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