Stranger Pays Bill Dinner For Three Foster Moms Of 21 Kids!

This is an incredible story of a stranger doing something nice for foster moms!

Three foster moms, Haylee, Kayla and Brittney have a total of 25 foster children between them. They decided to bring 21 of the kids to dinner at Toots West restaurant in Murfreesboro, TN!

Haylee told WSMV:

We took up three tables, and two of the three tables have kids on kids all over it

Apparently while they were all enjoying their meals, a woman sitting at the restaurant bar overheard that the kids were all in foster care and was inspired by their story. This woman PAID FOR THE ENTIRE BILL! All 21 kids, including the moms, got to eat for free from the kindness of a stranger!

Read the whole story, HERE!

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