Don't Be A vacay Slacker!

IT IS TIME TO TAKE THAT VACAY! Your Body and Mind will thank you!

I know taking a vacation is easier said than done. You have to ask for the time off, book the reservations, save up your money... a lot goes into planning a vacay!! I am here to tell you to DO IT! JUST GO FOR IT!

Leaving that vacation time on the table isn't going to make you a better employee! It is actually hurting you. You need that mental break. You need to step away from your responsibilities and enjoy your life when you can. Again... I know this is easier said than done - ESPECIALLY if you have kids! BUT it will make you a better parent and a better employee!

LISTEN! Your vacay doesn't have to be some extravagant thing. We LIVE IN FLORIDA - We live where people vacay! We are a short drive from the beach. We have theme parks. We have beautiful natural environments that you can go and enjoy.

The point is... taking a break from your regular routine makes you live in the PRESENT and really opens your eyes.

My wife and I try to fit in a little break from our normal routine every couple of months. It not only helps our relationship... It helps with our parenting. We are better moms when we come back from a little getaway!

So this is your wake up call! Don't Be a Vacay Slacker!

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