SideTakers With Carter and Isaac!

Alright it is time to pick a side! You MUST pick a side... you can't come up with a solution.

Here's what's going on...

Recently Kenny has been getting in trouble refusing to wear his mask in places that makes in mandatory to have them. Isaac refuses to hang out with him outside of their houses because he knows it'll be drama when they go out. Carter knows that Kenney really doesn't have any friends and has limited family, so he hangs with him. They're like brothers.

The last time Kenny got in trouble, both Carter and Isaac told him that they wouldn't help him get out of it. Over the weekend Kenny got in trouble again. He was thrown off an airline for not wearing his mask on the plane. He then got unruly, and the police were involved. Right now, as we speak, Kenny is in jail. He has been calling Carter to bail him out. He hasn't called Isaac because he knows what the answer will be.

Carter doesn't know what to do. He knows that he said that he wouldn't help him anymore if he gets in trouble. Isaac thinks that they should leave him in there. It's not like he has a job and he's missing work. Isaac also checked that without being bonded out, he can be out of jail in a couple days. Lessoned learned. Maybe, being jail would make him grow up and stop the craziness. Carter just doesn't like that they have a friend in jail and they have the means to get him out.


Side with Carter and they'll get Kenny out of jail

Side with Isaac and they'll leave him in jail.

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